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Hard Floor Cleaning in London for Immaculate Floors

When your hard floor starts looking a tad tired and worn it’s time to think about cleaning. Plenty of cleaning equipment is available for hire, or you could even go to the expense of buying it yourself. However hard floor cleaning isn’t required on a regular enough basis, so this kind of money could be better spent. Give us a call on 020 3404 9382 and we’ll show you how our prices are a cost-effective alternative. Whether it’s hard floor cleaning in London or any of our other services you want to book. Kyle's Cleaners London offer a number of solutions to help you keep your home in good shape, such as rubbish removals and handyman services. Take advantage of more than one and we’ll save you more money! Try to undertake the work yourself and we’re pretty confident you’ll be disappointed. Book our hard floor cleaning services and we know we’ll make you smile – but don’t just take our word for it. Read what our latest customers have to say over on our testimonials page.

Restore Floor’s Appearance with Professional Cleaning and Hard Floor Maintenance in London

We take our impact on the environment and the health and well being of our customers very seriously. Kyle's Cleaners London only use eco-friendly cleaning products such as pine or citrus, when performing cleaning and hard floor maintenance in London. This also means there’s no lingering unpleasant odour, and you can walk on your floor almost straight away. Interested in the way we work? Let’s run you through the steps we follow:

  1. We’ll always carefully assess the material your flooring is made from
  2. We’ll move all your furniture if you haven’t already done this
  3. We’ll use a vacuum to remove dust, hair and other surface particles before we start the cleaning process
  4. A small out of the way area is tested first to ensure no damage will occur with the products we’ve chosen to use
  5. Scrubbing is the action used to ensure the cleaning solution is evenly distributed, unless it’s wood
  6. Wooden flooring is only cleaned using drive pads
  7. After cleaning, the floor is rinsed and properly dried
  8. We can add a final layer of seal, polish and wax for further protection

Kyle’s Hard Floor Cleaners in London Will Make it Look Easy!

Kyle’s hard floor cleaners in London have been providing their services all across the capital for many years. The superb results they deliver mean we receive numerous repeat and referred customers. We’d love to have more customers so take a look at our testimonials page and make an informed choice. Our numerous benefits have contributed to our reputation, so let’s look at a few:

  • Our cleaning results are exemplary because we make good use of our extensively trained technicians
  • We have access to the latest and most innovative equipment for a professional finish
  • We won’t make a nasty big dent in your household budget
  • We undertake cleaning and maintenance on a wide range of different floors
  • Save more of your hard earned cash by making a multiple booking
  • We can cater to the needs of private and business customers

Online bookings taken 7 days a week for London hard floor cleaning services, so why not give us a try!