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Get Powerful But Gentle Upholstery Cleaning in London

Your sofas, armchairs, and other soft furnishings get a lot of wear during their lifetime. Sometimes you eat your dinner on them, and your kids probably think nothing of climbing all over them when they rush straight in from being outside. Your three-piece suite most likely cost a lot, but does it get the love, care and attention it truly deserves? Using something each and every day means the cleaning of it often gets forgotten until the damage is so far gone there’s little alternative than to buy something new. Kyle's Cleaners London are here to offer upholstery cleaning in London that’ll put off your trip to the furniture store for many more years to come! You know you’re on to a winner because our results are achieved by experienced professional cleaners, and our prices beat the competition hands down. And booking is so easy – you can even do it online!

Kyle’s Upholstery Cleaners in London At Your Service

Let’s run you through the way we do business. It’s always a good idea to know what you’re going to get for your money. Your upholstery cleaners in London always follow the same procedure to ensure five star results. Your booking will always start with a careful examination of the items you need cleaned. We need to check the type of material your furniture is made of and how bad the stains are. After this initial inspection we’ll get on with the cleaning procedure, which first involves pre-treating any particularly nasty stains. To ensure we make no mistakes we then proceed with a cleaning procedure specifically suited to the material type. We make use of a hot water extraction method that delivers hot water and detergent deep into the fabric. Once the detergents have done their work the dirt is just vacuumed away. For more delicate fabrics we use a dry cleaning method which while being gentle on the fabric, is nevertheless just as proficient in removing the dirt and stains.

Book Your Upholstery Cleaning Services with Kyle's Cleaners London Online or By Phone

Your upholstery cleaning services in London can be booked quickly and easily online or over the phone by calling 020 3404 9382. Whether you want to book handyman services, removals services or any combination of our extensive menu of services we’re available 24/7 to answer your call. But before you get in touch you might be interested to know what other people have experienced when using our service, so take a look at our testimonials page. Our list of customers is getting longer every day, and there are many different reasons they keep coming back. For example:

  • We’ve got a service that’s suitable for any area of your home, and one that’ll keep things running smoothly
  • We’re committed to delivering the best results whether you’re a residential or commercial customer
  • You won’t find yourself left waiting for normal office hours because we’re open 24 hours of every day
  • Further discounts are possible if you book a combination of services
  • Our cleaning solutions are performed using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products
  • We offer instant free quotes, with no-further obligation
  • We have a number of different booking slots available including weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Scotchgard can be applied along with deodorisers should you require this optional extra

When you need to book your upholstery fabric cleaning services you can fill in a contact form, use our instant chat option or pick up the phone. All in all it’s quick and easy, so don’t delay!